About Us

Wolf Lighting is a family-owned business dedicated to offering high quality lighting components for kitchen, closet, cabinet, deck, and other applications at affordable prices. We have tested and validated all products offered on our site, and also engineer custom LED controls of our own. We also perform R&D services for new consumer and commercial products, both lighting and otherwise.

Wolf-Lighting was founded by a former NASA electronics engineer who became frustrated with many household LED systems on the market which suffer from high cost, low brightness, poor color and quality, poor electrical and mechanical reliability, difficulty of installation, and minimal installation flexibility. After discovering HCI-LED commercial LED modules and HCI-LED’s track record for commitment to high quality, high value, and customer satisfaction, he set about creating these kits based around them.┬áThere’s no better brighter LED module per watt or higher quality for the price anywhere, UL-listed, tooled, controlled, and stocked by a U.S. manufacturer in Indiana.

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