Installing LED string lighting under shelves

When installing LED strings on china cabinets, it can be helpful to block the direct glare of the LEDs using corner-round from your local hardware store. Use mounting foam tape to install the corner round in front of the LED modules. This hides the wires as well as the glare. See pictures here…

As for where to place the modules, you could just place them on inward-facing surfaces up one side, across the top, and down the other, or you could zig zag them from shelf to shelf (going across one shelf up one side to the underside of the next shelf, then across that one, etc.). If you do the 2nd method, and you don’t want any LED modules between shelves, you could always cut the modules apart and insert sections of speaker wire between shelves. Just order a few extra white connectors and some speaker wire from our store.

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