10 Module LED Lighting Kit

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The standard kit uses only about 10 watts of energy at full brightness and around 2 watts when fully dim.

The kit comes standard with a remote control dimmer to turn the LEDs off and on and change the brightness level.

There is also an optional motion sensor you can add now, or purchase and add later (these kits are modifiable).


10 Module LED Standard Lighting Kit

The standard LED kit has everything you need to easily light a kitchen counter of 5 or 6 feet. To light more than that, use our custom “configurator”. Otherwise just peel and stick, plug in, and turn on!

These LEDs are UL listed and besides them you get a dimmer, power supply, and self adhesive wire clips… everything you need to easily install in about 10 minutes.

Note: This kit uses our most affordable LED module. Color is 5000k, similar to flourescent. For a warmer color, go to the Shop tab and select the “Custom Configurator” to configure a custom LED lighting kit, selecting the “Warm White” module option.

Included in the standard kit:
* One 10-module White LED String (total 440 lumens)
* One 120VAC to 12VDC power supply (1 Amp),
* One remote control on/off/dimmer (non-remote dimmer available…use the LED Kit “Configurator”).
* One power plug adapter (5.5mm barrel female to screw terminal strip),
* 8 self adhesive wire holders
* One white spring connector (order extras if needed)

The standard kit uses only about 10 watts of energy at full brightness and around 2 watts when fully dim. Each kit comes standard with a remote control dimmer to manually turn the LEDs off and on and change the brightness level. These LEDs do not get hot to the touch.

If desired, you could also add a motion sensor to the cart to use with this kit which will turn the LEDs on when you enter the area. See the dimmer in the Shop area.


See the Installation Instructions page for further details, but basically to install, just separate the modules, hold them up to see how you want to lay them out, then one by one peel off the 3M self adhesive backing and stick each module in place. Next, connect the LED string, in-line remote control receiver module, and power supply together, plug the power supply into an outlet, and turn on the LEDs with the remote control and adjust brightness level. The remote control has on/off button, continuous bright/dim controls, and quick preset brightness buttons for 10% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%. For the DIY-er, string LEDs can be cut apart into sections of any number of modules and speaker wire extensions inserted between LED sections using the white spring connectors available in our online store (so consider ordering extras if you plan to cut the string). This allows the routing of extension wires between module groups past corner cabinets etc to extend power to the next string of LED modules over the next section of countertop or sink.

Extra clips with self adhesive are available to secure extension wires to the insides and undersides of cabinets.

For a standard string of 10 modules (5 feet), a 12V 1Amp power supply is included in the basic kit.

To add a soft automatic under-crib or under-bed nightlight to turn LEDs on at a preset low brightness level as you approach or step out of bed, configure a kit with the number of LEDs you need and include a “mini dimmer” and then also add a motion detector to your cart. Connect Power Supply>>>Motion Detector>>>Mini-Dimmer>>>LED modules. The motion detector will turn the LEDs on automatically and the mini-dimmer will control the brightness level.

Our LED modules themselves are from U.S. manufacturer HCI-LED. They are commercial grade, IP65 and UL listed, and used by hundreds of U.S. sign companies in backlit channel letter outdoor signage. There’s no better module on the market. Life expectancy is over 10 years (and that’s running at full brightness, all night long, every night in a lighted outdoor sign).

Energy Consumption:

If your local utility rate is $0.10 per kilowatt hour, as an example, and if you left a string of 10 LED modules fully dimmed 24 hours a day, you would only spend about $2 for its electricity for that whole year! If you left them fully bright 24/7 for a whole year it would only cost about $10. This efficient LED string and power supply draws only 10 watts at full power and around 2 watts at when fully dimmed.

Operating temperature is -13F to 140F. The LEDs have guaranteed color and brightness uniformity batch to batch and year to year and the best brightness per Watt per dollar. The U.S. manufacturer HCI-LED even donates 5% of all sales to charity. Modules are supplied directly from the manufacturer’s Indiana warehouse. 

HCI-LED recalls their early days using other modules on the market, “We got so tired of color consistency quality and price issues that we designed our own – and now you can take advantage of what we’ve learned in our 37 years of sign design. Compare this product to any other LED Module. We proudly stand by ours as the undisputed best.” And they back up their claim with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Read more about them here: http://hci-led.com/about-us/

Additional Info:

To use as a nightlight, the dimmer/on/off controls can turn the LEDs’ brightness to less than 20%. The dimmer remembers the last dimmer level when powered off/on.

The Mini-Dimmer is available for applications where a preset brightness level is desired and which rarely changes (such as in a china cabinet). Brightness is still adjustable via buttons on the control.

These LED string modules are spaced every six inches and can be installed stretched out or bunched close together. Unlike most LED tape or strip lights, these LED “string” modules can easily follow the contour of your project or zig zag to backlight wall letter decorations for example.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Very, very pleased with our LED light kit we purchased from Wolf Lighting to replace a single bulb in our pantry. Installation was a breeze, the LEDs are VERY bright and provide much better lighting to find items on the shelving. We purchased the 20 light kit to replace the single inefficient 100 watt light bulb in my pantry. The former single light bulb just did not provide enough light on the shelves. My husband installed the LED light kit by running the light modules across the top of the door and down each side of the door facing on the inside of the pantry. I’m unable to see the bulbs directly but can sure see the light they emit! First time I don’t have to use a flashlight to find an item in the pantry! We used an adapter we purchased at a hardware store so I could use my existing light switch to operate the new LED lights. The adapter just screws in the pantry ceiling light bulb socket and converts it to a plug for the LED power supply… We then replaced the cover to the light to hide the power supply. Easy install, looks great and provides the much needed light in our pantry! Thank you! I plan on replacing the standard bulbs in our closets in the bedrooms next. Better lighting and uses less electricity! I love my LED lights!
    You can see an example of the adapter we used at this link:

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    This kit was Super-easy to install. I used my drill and was able to neatly hide the wires. My wife was super impressed that we were able to transform the lighting in our kitchen for under 30 bucks! I spent about an hour total on the project (including cleanup). We keep the LEDs turned down to 25% overnight, which makes midnight runs to the fridge easier and safer. THANKS WOLF LIGHTING! We’ll be buying more kits soon for our next project.

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