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Use the LED Kit Configurator to create customized LED kits. For kits requiring more than 20 modules (10 feet) of lighted countertop or other space, see our “Wiring Instructions” post.


With our Custom LED Kit Configurator, simply select the LED color you prefer (see pics below), the quantity based on countertop length, the controller you prefer, and other options, and in a few moments you can have a custom kit in your cart and then at your home within just a few days, then installed in as little as 10 minutes (peel and stick) to easily light a kitchen countertop of 5 or 6 feet, a whole kitchen, or some other project (closet, bed, crib, china cabinet, shelves, backlight a TV, many applications). See “Wiring Instructions” for details.

LED Color Selection: Wolf-Lighting modules are available in the following Kelvin Temperature color options:

  • Warm White ~2700k  –  “Incandescent” color.
  • Soft White ~3700k  –  “Manila” colored, soothing yet bright.
  • White ~5000k  –  Similar to Florescent light color; our most affordable module; not quite as bright as the others but the lowest cost option for kitchen countertop lighting or a motion-activated closet light.
  • Bright White ~6500k  –  Our brightest module recommended for applications requiring maximum brightness.
  • Cool White ~7200k  –  Similar to overcast clouds; color is not blue but a “cool” or “icy” white.

Most color temperature charts online are misleading, but this one I borrowed from isn’t bad:

Below is our Soft White (left) next to our White (right) on a white painted wall. Our Soft White has a parchment or manila color (Note: for an incandescent warm color, select our “Warm White” module):

Below is a kitchen countertop application with our Soft White LEDs (left) next to our Bright White LEDs (right), with surrounding room lights turned on. Not a huge difference, but the Soft reflects differently in the countertop and backsplash.

The pic below is the same LED brightness setting but with room lights turned off. If brightness is your concern, they are plenty bright.

In conclusion, whether you choose our Soft White, White, or another module color or brightness, it just depends on your application, purpose, and personal preference. Some will prefer the warmth of our “Soft White” but some prefer “White” like the owners of the following kitchens with a “White” LED corner installation:

…and this Bright White install:


As you configure your kit in the Configurator, the power supply is automatically selected for you, then you have options to select one of several controls and other items. Email if any questions.

Included in the typical kit:
* LEDs and one 120VAC to 12VDC power supply of appropriate amperage,
* One control device (prices vary) such as remote control, switch, motion detector, or you can leave this off if the LED string is to remain on all the time or will be plugged into a controlled outlet.
* One power plug adapter (5.5mm barrel female to screw terminal strip),
* 8 self adhesive wire holders,
* One white spring connector per 10 LEDs (order extras on our “Shop” tab if needed)

The standard kit uses only about 10 watts of energy at full brightness and around 2 watts when fully dim. Each kit comes standard with a remote control dimmer to manually turn the LEDs off and on and change the brightness level.
We sell a motion sensor that will turn them on while you are moving around in the room (give it a minute to warm up when powered on).



(See Installation Instructions)

Energy Consumption:

If your local utility rate is $0.10 per kilowatt hour, as an example, and if you left a string of 10 LED modules fully dimmed 24 hours a day, you would only spend about $2 for its electricity for that whole year! If you left them fully bright 24/7 for a whole year it would only cost about $10. This efficient LED string and power supply draws only 10 watts at full power and around 2 watts at when fully dimmed.

Operating temperature is -13F to 140F. They are the highest quality LED modules available, with guaranteed color and brightness uniformity batch to batch and year to year*** and the best brightness per Watt per dollar by a U.S. manufacturer which donates 5% of all sales to charity. Modules are supplied directly from the manufacturer’s Indiana warehouse. These LED modules do not get hot to the touch (like cheap ones tend to) and are best used for indirect lighting.


Additional Info:

To use as a nightlight, the dimmer/on/off controls can turn the LEDs’ brightness to less than 20%. The dimmer remembers the last dimmer level when powered off/on.

The Mini-Dimmer is available for applications where a preset brightness level is desired and which rarely changes (such as in a china cabinet). Brightness is still adjustable via buttons on the control.

These LED string modules are spaced every six inches and can be installed stretched out or bunched close together. Unlike most LED tape or strip lights, these LED “string” modules can easily follow the contour of your project or zig zag to backlight wall letter decorations for example.

Every ten modules can usually adequately light 5 feet of countertop. See Wiring Instructions for longer strings per kit.

If your kitchen is split up into separate counter top areas with no cabinets in between to run speaker wire extensions, but there are power outlets over each countertop area, configure two different kits and select the RF Dimmer control. Then either remote control will control the countertops together (the remotes use the same frequency). It is possible if you are in range of one set and out of range of another and try to turn them both on or off, and one string misses the signal, that your strings could get out of sync (one on and the other off). We sometimes suggest just fully dimming them instead of completely turning them off. It won’t take much power (couple dollars / year) and they won’t get out of “on/off sync” that way.

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