Manual Dimmer


Wired between the power supply and LEDs, the Rotary Dimmer controls LED brightness and has an off position (fully counter-clockwise)

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Function: Rotary Dimmer with off position (fully counter-clockwise)

This dimmer is easily connected between the power supply and LEDs and has a knob to turn the LED string on/off and adjust the brightness.

Simply strip back 3/16″ of insulation from the LED and power wires, insert into the green terminal strip, and use a small flat blade screwdriver to tighten.

To see which wire goes where, firmly pull to remove the green terminal plug to reveal the polarity markings. There are + and – terminals for the input power and + and – output terminals to attach the LED + and – wires.

Note: This dimmer may be more reliable than an RF Remote Control Dimmer in applications surrounded by interfering electrical devices. But our RF Remotes have been tested in many kitchens with no problems.

Dimensions: 9x6x5.5 cm
Volts: 12V
Potentiometer-controlled common-Anode PWM MOSFET circuit.
Current: 8A Max (we have verified it up to 3A which equates to 50 LED modules).
Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 yr


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