LED Modules (Soft White)

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Wolf Lighting kits utilize “Simply Brilliant” HCI-LED brand string modules. Color and brightness are guaranteed. The color temperature of this LED is approximately 3700k giving it a warm manila or parchment color with high brightness. Our Soft White module strikes a good balance, being less yellow than an incandescent and yet still warm, and with good working brightness. Order this module as part of a complete kit including power supply, control, and extras using the “Custom Configurator”.

Further specs and info:
* Estimated module brightness: 60 Lumens
* Module power consumption: 0.72 Watts
* manufactured by Indiana-based company HCI-LED
* IP65 rated and UL-listed
* 7-year manufacturer’s warranty
* Used in heavy duty commercial signage by hundreds of sign companies running at full brightness for an average of 8 hours/night, 365 days/yr, in all weather conditions.
* Operating temperature -13F to 140F
* Brightness uniformity guaranteed to remain within 5% of specs for 5 years
* Color uniformity guaranteed to less than 4% batch to batch and year to year
* U.S. manufacturer donates 5% of all sales to charity
* Modules do not get hot to the touch
* Modules are supplied directly from the manufacturer’s Indiana warehouse
* Energy usage: The standard kit including typical 1Amp power supply uses about 10 watts of energy at full brightness and around 3 watts when fully dim. This equates to around $10 and $3 per year in electrical costs, respectively, depending on kWh rate. Example: based on local utility rate of approx. $0.11 per kilowatt hour, using standard 10-module LED kit set to full brightness 24 hours a day, kit uses 10 watts (7 watts LEDs, 3 watts power supply, etc). Calculations for the above: 10 Watts = 0.01kW. 0.01kW x 24 hours/day x 365 days/yr = 87.60 kWh/year. 87.60 kWh/year x $0.11 $/kWh = ~10 $/year
(Picture is example only – module appearance varies slightly between LED color types)

1 review for LED Modules (Soft White)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Very bright lights. I installed the soft white lights under our kitchen cabinets. The installation was easy. I was able to put the lights anywhere that I wanted them unlike some of the other kits that are out there. My wife and I are very happy with the color and amount of light that we now have under our cabinets. I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to installing more of these kits around the house.

    Thanks Wolf lighting.

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