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For small installations, 2-conductor speaker wire can be used to insert extensions between sections of LED string modules, or to supply power to the farthest group of modules in a long LED string (beyond 20) with a direct connection back to the power supply. (See “Wiring Instructions” for more details)

The HCI-LED string modules used in Wolf-Lighting kits use 12 volts DC. Modules are wired in parallel, meaning the +12VDC and GND are passed through each module, so you can cut or connect the wires between modules to create a string of any length (up to 20 modules in one continuous string), or cut to insert wire through small holes to pass power through a corner cabinet between two connected strings on either side of the cabinet, for example.

We ship 16 gauge 2-conductor speaker wire, to be used only for 12VDC and small currents (up to 20 LED modules per circuit) which equates to 20*0.72=14.4 watts which is just over 1Amp at 12V.

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